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 Click on the subject you're interested in.  For year specific advice check ISDE legend Jeff (Mr. KDX) Fredette's tips in the Fredette Racing section too.  

You can find them here.


Engine Suspension/Chassis General
Hop-Up Guide Mods for Tall Riders Maintenance
KIPS  Power Valve MX  #plate  Install Specialty Tools
Carb Float Level Hybrid Kickstart Lever Project JustKDX
89-94 Pipe Mods Project JustKDX New Bike Prep
Carb Tuning Manual Correction
Dyno Testing! Building a Foot Lift
Understanding Jet Needles Jeff Fredette Interview
Project JustKDX Installing a Cycle Computer
Top end Tips KX / KDX Hybrid
Top End Pictoral Pipeguard

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