The Birth of a Mean Green Trail Machine

Looking to buy a KDX or just curious about the evolution of the KDX?

The following is a timeline of the major model changes and the years that the bike(s) remained the same. Hope this helps in your search and if we have left off something or need to add something by all means send us a note and we will change it.

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Model - Series

Major Changes

1979 - 1980

KDX400 – A1 / A2

Introductory year for the big bore KDX


KDX250 – A1

Introductory year, Dual shock rear suspension

1980 -1982

KDX175 – A1 to A3

Uni-Trak single shock rear suspension


KDX420 – A1

Increase in displacement

1981 - 1984

KDX250 – A2 to A5

Uni-Trak single shock rear suspension


KDX450 – A1

Increase in displacement

1982 -1983

KDX80 - B1 / B2

Introduction of the baby KDX

1984 - 1985

KDX200 – A1 to A3

Introductory year, all new KDX 200

1986 KDX200 - C1 Bold New Graphics

1983 - 1988

KDX80 - C1 to C5

Uni-Trak single shock rear suspension


KDX200 – B3(RED)

An optional red KDX200 is made available

1986 - 1987

KDX200 - C1 to C2

KIPS Valve equipped with a front disk break


KDX200 – C3

35mm Keihin PKW carb. introduced

1989 - 1993

KDX200 – E1 to E5

KX style frame, liquid cooled, rear disk added

1990 KDX200 (White) An optional white KDX200 is made available

1991 - 1994

KDX250 – D1 to D4

Parameter frame with inverted fork


KDX200 – E5

Inverted front fork added


KDX200 – H1

All new KDX with perimeter frame

1996 - 1999

KDX200 – H2 to H5

Stronger clutch springs

1997 - 1999

KDX220 - H4-H7

Increased displacement, smaller 33mm carb.

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