Reader's Rides III

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Owner: Chuck Metcalfe
Year: 1994 KDX 200
Mods: Street Legal, Dunlop 752's, Renthal Bars, FMF pipe/silencer, Boyesen Reeds, UFO rear fender with a White Bros Taillight assy.
Owner: Obie Gangwer
Year: 2002 KDX 200
Mods: Renthals,Devol front disk guard, Russell braided lines, Air
box mods, Boyesen 607 reeds, RK-M chain, 13/50 gearing, PC Platinum, DEP
spark arrestor, Maier barkbusters, MSR raptor levers, Bpnzai Bros. pipe
guard, Front numberplate, And of course Black Maier MX rear fender, Blk
frt. fender, and black backgrounds everywhere.

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Owner: Eric Gordon
E-Mail: unknown
Year: 1991 KDX 200 (White Version)
Mods: Stock except head light. Future plans for bike;  riding every chance he gets.
Owner: William  Hibbs
Year: 1997 KDX 200 
Mods: FMF pipe, Acerbis handguards, Trelleborg 754 rear tire, Pirelli MT 44 front tire, ONE Industries graphics kitt

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Owner: Bob Hudson
Year: 1984 KDX 200 Rare and priceless RED version. Original plastics , front forks and disk ass'y from newer KDX. Bike has been Rock Solid Reliable.
Owner: Jeff Andrews
E-Mail: unknown
Year: 1989 KDX 200 Stock except the Answer silencer, Sparky arrestor, and front disk guard.

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