Reader's Rides II

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Owner: John Matthew Orr
Modifications: Looks pretty much stock except the rear fender. Click on photo to see more of Matt's KDX.
Owner: Mike Caruso
Year: 1991 KDX 250
Mods: FMF pipe, Boyeson reeds, Acerbis handguards, O Ring chain. IMS white tank, moose skid plate, FMF spark arrestor, Renthal bars, forks and shock revalved and new springs. Click on photo to see more of Mike KDX 250.

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Owner: KDXBub
Year: 1985 KDX 200
Mods: DG Silencer
Owner: Tom Torresdal
Year: 1984 KDX 200
Mods: Weisco Piston. Complete lower end rebuild in progress. Click photo for more photos.

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Owner: Brett Lamb
Year: 1991 KDX 250
Mods: Weisco Piston, Boyeson Reeds, Another fine Australian KDX
Owner: Acutemp??
Year: 1995 KDX 200
Mods: Fredette porting, Chain guide, Boyeson Rad valve, FMF Torque pipe, Race Tech suspension, WER steering stabilizer, Stroker rear fender, Pro taper bars, KX250 Clutch springs and more!

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Owner: Mike Farmer
Year: 2001 KDX 220
Mods: Stock now but stay tuned ...

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