Reader's Rides I

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Owner: Mike Burkeen ( Mikeb )
Year :1998 KDX 200
Mods: FMF Torque pipe, Turbine Core II Silencer, Boyeson RAD Valve, WER Steering Damper, Fredette ported, Fredette Chain guide, solid rear rotor, Gold Valve forks and shock, JCV disk protector and bar clamp.  Click for more photos

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Owner: David Otteson (Canadian Dave)
Year :1998 KDX 220
Mods: RB Designs carb, FMF rev pipe and silencer, Boyeson RAD valve, CEET tall foam, Pro Taper bars, FRP handguards, FRP kick start lever, FRP pipe guard, FRP chain guide, IMS foot pegs, MX-Tech suspension, JCV disk protector. Click for more photos.
Owner: Jay Seavey (JCV 220R)
Year :1999 KDX 220
Mods:FMF Torque pipe, FMF silencer, E-Line pipe guard, 50t rear sprocket .38 fork springs, shock re-valve, Answer Aluminite handlebars, JCV bar clamp, JCV disc guard, Fredette solid rear brake rotor, Fredette chain guard, Acerbis Rally Pro, Handguards, Moose skid plate, Wiseco piston, Ceet seat foam, One Industries graphics and seat cover

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Owner: "Joe Woj"
Year: 1997 KDX 200
Mods: all ufo plastics, one industries graphics & seatcover, oneal prolock bars, barkbusters and euro handguards, fmf torque pipe& turbine core2 silencer, polished moose pipe guard, polished swingarm &forklegs, a scotts disc guard, &skid plate, uni filter, opened airbox, jetting mods polished intake & exaust ports, all stainless bolts, and dunlop 756 tires,  note my idea for a tool pouch behind the front plate, made from a mountian bike seat wedge pack,  this bike really rips !!! 

Owner: Kyle (THEMORT) Mortensen
Year 1995 KDX 200
Mods:  FMF Torque pipe, Pro Circuit 304 silencer, Enduro Engineering handguards, O-ring chain, topeak computer one industries seat cover, modified air box lid, scott grips.


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Owner: Brian from Atlanta GA.
Modifications: FMF pipe/silencer/ Boyeson RAD valve with carbon fiber reeds. Nice!
Owner: Jeff Fredette
E-Mail: Top Secret
Year: 1999 KDX 220
Modifications:FMF Rev pipe, Turbine Core II silencer, FRP porting and head mods, FRP Chain Guide, 36mm FRP modified carb etc etc.(you name it its got it )

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