"The Ultimate KDX"

Last year we had the chance to see and ride what may be the "Ultimate KDX". Jeff Fredette Racing in Beecher Illinois builds these custom KX/KDX hybrid bikes on request. This example is a 2001 KX 125 with 1996 KDX 220 (Ok so its a 200 motor with a 220 cylinder and head making it a 220). In my honest opinion this is what Kawaski should have been making all along.

kxkdx1.jpg (92336 bytes)

kxkdx2.jpg (77278 bytes)
2001 KX 125 with a KDX 220 motor.

Are you listening Kawasaki?

kxkdx3.jpg (89083 bytes)

kxkdx4.jpg (82903 bytes)
Clean looking bike.

The 220 motor seems to belong in that KX frame

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I also had the opportunity to ride this bike on the natural terrain MX track at Spodefest 2000 and my initial opinion is that the bike felt taller than my KDX but it may be the fact that the seat foam was stiffer than my KDX. It felt very similar on width since the newer (95 and up) KDX frame is based on the same KX perimeter frame. The bike had that great KDX power but the suspension was much firmer. Jeff said he did not have time to set this up for the woods so I took it to the track and "OH MY GAWD" was it smooth.  

When I asked Jeff how much and how can I get one of these, he said that you basically have to have a KX at your disposal OR buy a KX125 and sell the engine to a shifter cart racer and send him the KX frame and the KDX and he will put them together. Sounds simple huh?. Jeff said there are several modifications needed for the frame and swingarm area as well as all new motor mounts to pull this off. So as far as price "If you gotta ask you probabaly cant afford it". Jeff said that he builds these one at a time and the price varies according to what the owner wants. So if you want the "Ultimate KDX" then you need to contact Jeff Fredette at Fredette Racing and he will fill you in on all the details.