Shop Manual Correction

By Canadian Dave

Shop Manual: 1995 to 2001 KDX200/220

Chapter: 4 - Engine Top End

Page: 4-12 - Installation of KIPS Valves

A mistake in the KIPS valve sub-port installation procedure has been made in the 1995 to 2000 KDX200/220 shop manual. This mistake has since been corrected but a number of misprinted manuals were sold. The instructions used to identify the right and left sub-valves have been reversed. If you installed the sub-valves according to the manual then your engine may not be performing properly. The following correction needs to be made to the KIPS valve timing procedure:



Do not mix up the sub-valves and the exhaust valve rods on the right and left.

The RIGHT sub-valve has a groove (A) and the right exhaust valve rode has an o-ring (B) for identification.

(the manual incorrectly indicates the left valve has a groove)

correction.jpg (8264 bytes)

If you have an older version of the manual and you followed the identification procedure exactly your sub-port valves are likely reversed. Luckily you can check without disassembling the top end. If you remove the exhaust pipe/expansion chamber and look into the exhaust port you can see the sub-port valves. The valves should be completely closed. If they are partly open then they're reversed and the head will need to be removed and the valves reversed.

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